Chicken Cemanis

Just a Brief Info - NOT FOR SALE

Indonesia call Ayam Cemanis, by English chicken - Ayam is the Malay and Indonesian word for chicken but the word cemanis also means black in Javanese. A chicken which has the dominant black color on the nails, skin, feathers, beak, eyes, flesh, bones, and tongue, and even sometimes there is also a blood black in color. Chicken – ayam cemani by certain circles are believed to have that are sought. These birds are beautiful and very rare. Extremely difficult to find. Entire black including flesh.

The breed is found in Java, Madura Island and in Sumatra. Include some part of Indonesia. Some people go to highland or forest to find Ayam Cemani, first came into being in Sumatra, Indonesia. Since in that same area a wild population of jungle fowl exists, a good guess is that the Cemanis descend directly from this population. Because of its rather "normal" landrace type and build (unlike Sumatra).